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Monday, January 1, 2018

Jeff’s Top 13 Horror Films of 2017: Honorable Mentions

It’s the most wonderful time for lists! That’s right, the most important top list of the year has arrived. Welcome to the Creepercast top 13 (plus honorable mentions) horror films of 2017 according to our writing cast. IT is always interesting to see how each of us rates every film of the year and sometimes it breaks out in complete Mayhem. Usually we can be civil enough to Get Out before the blood flies, and sometimes we are Split and every choice feels just like The Killing of a Sacred Deer. But in the end this little Monster Project goes into the books, your favorite cast member commits their opinion to writing, and defensive arguments aside, this is our final testament for the year. Alas, this is our Cure for Wellness, and our addictive Devil’s Candy.

 These lists includes films that we have seen for the first time in 2017, though they tend to include films released within that year they are not limited too or controlled by that rule. That’s why my lists also tend to preview a film you likely haven’t been able to see yet. Though that’s not probably to happen this year since I haven’t had a chance to see The Endless, Death House, and Tragedy Girls yet. But, I have every reason to believe they would have landed pretty high on this list. Well know for sure come next years list. That said, it is always a pleasure to debut films like Raw on these lists in the hopes that you will see them and enjoy them as I have. Speaking of Raw, the cannibal veterinarian from France is strongly dominating many of the lists you see out there this year. See, I told you it was worth it.

 For myself, the real surprise with this list is how many are mainstream films and the inclusion of a film by a director I notoriously profess to despise. Don’t worry, there is plenty of off the wall, cerebral, psychological, eccentric horror on this list. This last year was one of the most prolific for horror and our lists were a challenge to create, but create we must! With no further argument (unless you choose to do so in the comments below) here is Jeff’s Top 13 Horror Films of 2017

The Honorable Mentions:
Never Hike Alone

It use to be that when someone said “hey check out this fan film” you knew what to expect. It was likely going to be some silly misrepresentation of the source material with bad acting, effects, and writing, that while entertaining, does very little to add to the mythos or understanding of the films they wish to sloppily honor. But thankfully there has been swing toward quality homages that includes not only great acting, avoiding cheesy effects, and storylines, with a love for the details and dedication to production values that adds to the mythos in ways one never could have imagined. One such “fan fiction” tale is the fan backed and brilliantly portrayed Never Hike Alone. Which is very sound advice when extreme hiking through Camp Crystal Lake. Brought to us by Womp Stomp Films and director Vincente DiSanti (who also brilliantly donned the mask as well) that promises there are still Friday the 13th stories to tell that don’t include Michael Bay. Please watch the almost feature length gem here and understand why it earns the least I can offer, a 2017 Honorable Mention...


From The Verge (11/08/2017) “In January, HBO will air Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic as a six-episode series over five nights. But today, you can download a standalone app for iOS and tvOS, and take in its roughly 7.5 hours in interactive form, shifting your perspective among the story’s main characters in a branching narrative. Mosaic most resembles the sort of show you might binge-watch on Netflix — all of its episodes will be available at once — and yet it allows for a level of interaction only possible inside a custom app.”

“It’s not a TV show, and it’s not a movie,” says Soderbergh, “It’s something else.”

Soderbergh may be understating the artistic aspect of Mosaic, but that’s okay since it seems to defy standard conventions. What he definitely doesn’t want us to call this murder mystery with a winding plot is a “choose your own adventure” movie. Even though it feels like one when your clicking through evidence offered and watching scenes play out in ways that seems like you can control the outcome. Of course you can’t, Soderbergh is the only god in this world of sex, death, and secrets. Each scene is gripping and engrossing while the classic Susan Sarandon headlines the cast. Purely due its nature this thriller easily earns this honorary position.

To be continued tomorrow...