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Friday, January 5, 2018

Jeff’s Top 13 Horror Films of 2017: #10


Better Watch Out

It’s very rare that I would even consider a Christmas film for my best of list. I believe it was just a few years ago that Krampus received an honorary mention. To me it seems that these types of films are only good for a specific time of year and therefore not something you can just watch anytime. Better Watch Out, while definitely a Christmas film, does not require Christmas to be a lasting horror film. In this case, much like Halloween, it just happens to be Christmas,  yes the elements of the holiday are used Home Alone style, but I trust this film would happily embrace every holiday. Anyway, Ashley travels to the suburban home of the Lerners to baby-sit their 12-year-old son Luke at Christmastime. She must soon defend herself and the young boy when unwelcome intruders announce their arrival. This is where it gets very difficult to talk about what makes this film so clever and entertaining without spoilers. But let's just say that though the twist is not so much a surprise as it is an introduction to a twisted manipulative killer we hope to see more of.