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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jeff’s Top 13 Horror Films of 2017: #11


A psychological thriller set in an abandoned insane asylum known as Eloise. Four people break in with the intention of finding a death certificate that could land Jacob the rights to a hefty inheritance. While inside, the friends discover the terrifying history of the asylum and the truth about their own pasts. I am going to go against the popular critics on this one and mention the nostalgic reasons why I have included the film on my own “best of list”. When you hear critics talk about location as a character,  The Wayne County Asylum in Detroit Michigan (a.k.a. Eloise), is a real place with its own colored and storied history. The film borrows heavily from the actual history of the hospital while sensationalizing and fictionalizing enough to adapt the location to the tale being woven. Eloise is definitely a character unto itself and filming it there is only the frosting on the cake. While watching the film I found myself remembering a time when I was very young that I had actually visited the hospital before it had closed for good. Now considered one the most haunted locations in Michigan, using the location as a major plot point seems only logical. Add in the star pawer of Robert Patrick as the sadistic doctor of the past and Eliza Dushku, I found the film entertaining enough. Granted, much of the story is familiar with only a few twists away from stereotypical fare, and sometimes the acting gets lost in exhibition. All that aside keeps Eloise grounded at number 11 on this list. The toying with claustrophobic fears makes this film one I loved, but will probably not watch again.