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Monday, March 5, 2018

My review of ‘Flay’ by William S. Mayfield

Flay is the story of Moon and River Crane, siblings that are reunited to deal with the loss of the estranged mother after she dies of an apparent drug overdose. Things quickly show that her death was not at her own hands. River, played Dalton E. Gray, is your typical teenage boy with a girlfriend, group of friends and attitude that rubs his returning sister, played by Elle LaMont, the wrong way.

We learn early in the film that the mother comes in contact with an old bag that contains some very old chains that where used a very long time ago to murder a Native American shaman. Flay is a great film with some very disturbing imagery and a good story.

The story continues with River and Moon learning what it is to be family again among a growing body count as more and more people come in contact with the chains that their mother found. As always I don't want to spoil the story so do your self a favor and check out Flay when it is released on March 6th. I give Flay a 7 out of 10.