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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jeff's Really Short Reviews Presents: WISH UPON (2017)

WISH UPON follows a teenage girl who finds a magic box that grants wishes, but kills someone close to her each time it does. In the end, its your average be careful what you wish for a movie that is designed to pull at a few strings, fulfill a couple fantasies, and still leave you feeling good about your evil self in the end because you learned your lesson and stuff. Sadly there's not much original to this telling of bad wishes, although the way some of the victims die can be interesting. Also, the box idea makes it sound like something out of Hellraiser so when she was trying to open it I expected Pinhead to show us his many pleasures.

Mostly recommended for young girls under 25, WISH UPON is still another shining example of the danger of getting what you wish for. Available now on all video formats.

Jeff's really short reviews are designed to briefly highlight those movies that Jeff either loves or in some cases, hates, without any fluff in between.