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Monday, March 5, 2018


To celebrate the release of HELL’S KITTY on VOD this month, it’s a ‘Drinking Game’ where you, for instance, have to chug a beer when someone screams in the movie, Angel the cat scratches someone or you spot one of the many horror icons in the movie (be it Doug Jones, Adrienne Barbeau, Dale Midkiff, Michael Berryman et al).

The movie Hell’s Kitty is about a Hollywood writer, who tries to find love in L.A. with a possessed and possessive pussycat named Angel, and features more horror icons than any movie in history. Guest stars include: Dale Midkiff(Pet Sematary), Doug Jones (The Shape of Water), Adrienne Barbeau (Swamp Thing), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet), Courtney Gains (The Children of the Corn), Barbara Nedelkajova (Hostel), and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes); and costume work by Charles Chiodo (Killer Klowns From Outer Space). Lee Meriwether (Batman) known for her performance as Catwoman in both the original Batman movie and the TV series also makes a cameo in the film. Nina Hartley (Boogie Nights)has a bit part as a nightmarish zombie, too. The film is scheduled for release on VOD 3/13 and DVD 3/27 by Wild Eye Releasing.