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Friday, January 4, 2019

joel.'s top 13 horror films of 2018.... #11

Every year, you never know what the horror genre is going to unleash upon the world. You have an unsuspecting audience, just waiting to have their deepest and darkest fears manipulated.... all in the comfort of an air conditioned theater or their home. Not every year has been full of winners, some have proven to be better than others, but 2018 has yielded some very interesting genre fare that is full of a little bit of everything under the sun. My fellow creeps, I've put together what I feel (in my humble opinion) to be the best of the best for this year. There were a few that were nudged out by only inches and that's not a bad thing. It just proves that there are more stories to tell and makes me dream about all the amazing scares yet to come. So, without further adieu, I give you my top 13 horror films of 2018! (based on release dates and not the years they were filmed.... although some may be in the last quarter of 2017.)

11) 'The First Purge'

I have no shame in my love of 'The Purge' franchise. The first one didn't show us enough of the world that was built. The second and third, took us out into the open and slowly shifted to a more action based horror film. With a TV show and the fourth film, the series felt like it could be bordering on over saturation of the market. Once I finally saw this entry into the series, I felt like things were still alive and well. Despite mixed reviews and some hate being thrown its way, I felt like this kept the story moving forward and was worth being counted as a continuation of the series. What makes this all work, is that the world today is creepily close to reaching this outcome. I hope we never come to that, but in the meantime, it just cranks up the tension and makes this that much more frightening.

Suggested snack to eat while watching: something to binge on, before you purge

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